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Please read all of these terms of Service before using this site. If you can not understand or agree to them do not use Splash of Kauai.
Also read specific information contained in this site that pertains to activities before making reservations.
Also read specific information about products before making purchases.

The content of this site is the copyright of Splash of Kauai. Content may not be used without prior permission.
For more details see our copyright page.

About this Site
Splash of Kauai is for information about Kauai. General information about the island and specific information about activities and products is believed to be accurate. We try to keep this information as accurate and up to date as possible. Errors, omissions, incorrect, and out of date information may for whatever reason be present. Splash of Kauai will not assume liability for any losses due to this beyond the cost of items purchased. There are risks involved in use of the internet.
Splash of Kauai tries to be a safe place to visit and due business. We do not accept responsibility for problems beyond our control.

About Activities
The activities listed on Splash of Kauai are conducted by other companies. Splash of Kauai is acting as booking agent. We will give you the customer the most up to date information regarding activities. We will make reservations for you. We do not conduct the tours and will not be responsible for any events or occurrences that happen on them or as a result of them. Other activities may change prices, policies, times, tours, and anything else with little or no notice. We will try to keep you up to date and help you to the extent of our abilities. We can not be responsible for the actions of third parties.

About Privacy
Splash of Kauai will respect your privacy. We will not sell or give away personal information. We will provide personal information to tour operators to the extent necessary for making reservations on requested tours. We are using SSL with GnuPG encryption to protect your personal information. No system is perfect and Splash of Kauai will not guaranty that it is totally safe from hackers. Privacy Policy

Illegal Activities
Splash of Kauai does not condone illegal activities. Any attempt to conduct fraud or other illegal act ivies through this site will be turned over the proper law enforcement authorities. Please keep the internet safe. Do not conduct illegal activities. Do not send credit card information by e-mail. Use the reservation forms that have encryption for any credit card information.

About Links
For information about links. Splash of Kauai does not have a links page. Splash of Kauai my have links to other sites from time to time. They are for informational purposes only. They are not en endorsement of the other sites. We do not have control of the content of other sites which may change at any time. Use links at your own risk.

This agreement will undoubtedly change from time to time. Please check for the latest agreement. One thing that Splash of Kauai will not change is our attempt to be fair, honest and accurate.