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Splash's Kauai talk. There are some pictures too.

Trail to Kilohana 10-29-2020

Nov-12-2020 Thu

I Started at the Puu o Kila Lookout on this trip.  It had been along time since I had hiked to Kilohana.  I wanted to check the condition of the boardwalk through the Alakai swamp. The first part of the Pihea trail is along the rim of Kalalau.  There are s few very steep and slippery spots along the way.  If you have hiked it before it is much the same.

Soon after the trail leaves the rim of Kalalau is where the boardwalk really begins.  This staircase is missing a couple of boards.

Soon after switching to the Alakai trail.  The trail becomes a long flight of stairs going down to a stream.  These stairs are in much worse condition than they were.  

Many stairs are missing and many look like they are ready to break.

More of the stairs.

Here there is a landing, rails, staircase and some signs saying to not lean on the rails.  Well maybe the sign fell down.  I took the trail that bypasses these stairs.  In the past I would go down them. In the past I would not lean on the rails and not because of the sign.

Looking up from the bottom of the staircase.  It looks like not very many people use them any more. 

The white board is the new trail.  The new boards are not as wide and only one board instead of two.  This picture is to show that the trail has become more overgrown since Covid 19.

More overgrown trail.  This is just after the travel restrictions had eased so there were not so many people yet.

This is some of the old trail.  When they replace it they throw it to the side of the trail and replace it with the new trail.  They don't fix the bad parts first.  They also don't use old unbroken boards to fix sections like this.

There are lots of trail parts laying around and some people get creative trying to improve things.

Sometimes the stuff on the mud stays on top when you step on it and sometimes you find out how deep the mud is.

This could be fun to bounce on.  I left it to some lighter people to try.

Are you  feeling lucky?

The old trail had wire on it for non-skid.  Much of it is coming up and is very good at tripping people.  Also a good reason to wear shoes that protect your feet.

It looks worse than it is.

Old going to new.  It is really fun to pass people going the other way on the over water sections.

Not all of the trail is this bad.  On the good sections it is easy and quick going.  It is wise to take your time on the bad and slippery sections.

A Kolea in the swamp.  They look better in the swamp than they do on lawns. They are a bit harder to see though.

An Amakihi feeding on Kolii.

An Apapane feeding on Ohia. It is a good trail for seeing native birds.

At Kilohana it is possible to to see into Wainiha valley, Hanalei, and Kilauea.  Usually you are just in a cloud though.  I got lucky this time.  Also if you can see anything at this view point don't wait to take a picture because sometimes the view will disappear before you can say cheese.

Comet Neowise (C2020 F3)

Aug-28-2020 Fri

In July of 2020 Comet Neowise (C2020 F3) became visible from Kauai.  At first in the mornings and then at night.  The mornings were cloudy and rainy so I did not try to see it.  At night I decided to try to look for it at Polihale.  It was too cloudy so I gave up.  I next tried to see it from Kalalau Lookout.  I Finally was able to see it.

Here you can see it in the center of the blue.  It is faint and very hard to see.

As it gets darker it becomes more visible to the eye.

This is a wider shot.  You can see the ridgeline and the stars.
The comet is still there just above the clouds, but it is very small.

The darker it gets the better you can see it.

This is more of a close up.  There are some stars in it.  The movements is because of a 30 second exposure.

More dark but can still see a little of the clouds and the ridge.

Someone had a light at the lookout.
It made it a little harder to see the comet but it was nice to get the lookout in the shot.

Stars and Kalalau.

Milky Way with the tracking station.

On another night I took this of Neowise over Port Allen.

Coconut Tree

Apr-3-2019 Wed

This Coconut Tree started as a sprout in 2009.



It grew very fast and the first coconuts were already overhead. 


Eventually it became too big.  It was blocking the views from the second floor windows, the fronds were touching the roof, the nuts were hard to get to and it was dangerous to work under the tree.



It was hard to bring it down too. There was not enough room to just cut it down.


I started at the top and cut off all of the fronds and nuts.

After I got rid of the top I started to work on sections of the trunk.


It was not easy to cut off sections of the trunk.


It was also important to not fall or drop sections on myself or my ladder. 

A section of the heart of palm.


In the center you can see the young flower stalk.

Here is what the mature flower stalk looks like.


We did get several pounds of coconut heart and Naia had fun cooking with it.