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Splash's Kauai talk. There are some pictures too.

Tsunami -2

Sep-29-2009 Tue

421This morning there was a large earthquake about 125 miles Southwest of Samoa. It had a magnitude of about 8.0. It created a tsunami that hit Samoa soon afterward with much damage and loss of life.

451There was a tsunami watch for Hawaii. After a few hours it was cancelled. There was still an advisory for unusual currents and sea changes. Most people never noticed any changes.

421tp451One thing about tsunamis is that the height of the waves vary a lot locally. On Kauai Nawiliwili harbor usually has big changes in sea level.

451to455Here are some pictures showing two of the highs that I observed and the lowest that I observed. I missed the largest waves by over an hour. I heard that the whole dock was about 6 inches underwater during the largest waves.

455I have put a couple of pictures together to show the difference in height.