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Privacy Policy

Private information
Splash of Kauai tries to keep your private information private.
For activities reservations we share information with activities companies. (Only required information.)
Splash of Kauai will cooperate with law enforcement agencies investigating illegal activities.
Splash of Kauai will not sell or give private information away to any advertisers.
Splash of Kauai will delete credit card information regularly. Other information is kept for our records.

Third parties
Splash of Kauai has no control over what other companies do with your private information. If you are concerned about this please let us know before giving us information. We can direct you to the privacy policies of the third parties. In many cases we state the name of the activity companies and their privacy policies can usually be found on their web sites. We will not give information to companies that we know to violate our own privacy policies.

Measures to protect privacy
Splash of Kauai tries to protect your privacy. We use SSL and GnuPG encryption to help maintain privacy. No system is totally safe and you must use our site at your own risk. Splash of Kauai will not guaranty that our security measures are totally safe. We believe them to be safe and will try to keep it that way.

Privacy policy changes
It may become necessary to change this policy in the future. Please check for current privacy policy. previous policies are canceled as new policies are posted.