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Company Profile

Company Name
Splash of Kauai

Owned by
Roy W Shepard (Captain Splash)

Address and Phone Number
P.O.BOX 1136 Kalaheo HI 96741-1136

Reservations for Kauai activities.
Internet sales of Kauai products.
【Hawaii G.E. Tax License : W01383798-02】

Send money
You can use this link if you need to send us money.
If you just want to give us money that is OK too.


The name Captain Splash came about by trying to find an alias that a friend would recognize without being told.
It wasn't the first choice. When I did finally came up with it I liked it.

Later we were offered some web space by KIKA. We had been sending a lot of pictures by e-mail and it was getting hard to keep track of who got what. Then we only had to send out the web address and everyone could see my pictures. It also gave KIKA a chance to create another web site. Of course it had to have a name, Splash of Kauai was a natural.

The target date for Splash of Kauai was Valentines Day 2003. Some of it was up by then. It was officially opened on June 14, 2003. It was mainly pictures of Kauai and some island information. Our friends and family liked it. After a while other people started to find it. We started to get questions about how to go on the boat ride. The interest was growing. I decided to make a business out of it. We announced this to KIKA in October of 2003 while we were visiting her in Japan. She liked the idea and we started while visiting her.

I set 2004 the first whole year as the test year. It started out real slow. I was expecting to get a lot more notice with our own domain name. Every month though we got more reservations. We noticed that they were all from Japanese speaking people. We would like you to know that we welcome business from English speaking people too. With all the interest in Japanese the Japanese side of Splash of Kauai is way ahead of the English side.

So here I am at the keyboard trying to catch up. It is October of 2004. This is the first month that we have had a slowdown in reservations. It is a typically slow month so we are not worried. I am using the time to catch up. We are also trying to launch our internet store. The first draft of my first photo CD has already been written. I am still working as a captain for Blue Dolphin, but Splash of Kauai is here to stay.

Finally February 2006 the long awaited English revision has been made. Reservation requests can now be made in English. We are now working on the store. I also plan on making lots of small changes. New pictures keeping things up to date.

This is not over yet.