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Splash's Kauai talk. There are some pictures too.

Hula Hoike 2011

Feb-5-2011 Sat

01_Hoike_2011Leilani Rivera Bond and Halau Hula o Leilani have their annual Hoike on the first Saturday of February.

02_Hoike_2011It starts off with Joy playing the part of Pele. Mele "Aia La O Pele I Hawaii".

03_Hoike_2011Special guests this year were Kumu Kaui and Miss Aloha Hula 2010 of Hula Halau·O Kamuela.

04_Hoike_2011Miss Aloha Hula, Mahealani Mika Hirao Solem dances Auana to "Mokihana Lullaby ". 

05_Hoike_2011Here Mika dances Kahiko. Mele "Ua Nani Haena I Ka Ehu Kai".

06_Hoike_2011Here Mika and Kumu Kaui Kamanao dance together to "Po Lailai".

07_Hoike_2011Of course this is Halau Hula O Leilani and here the Kaikamahine dances to "Hanohano Hanalei" and "Hoola Lahui Hawaii".

08_Hoike_2011Here the Kaikamahine dance with their poi balls to a New Zealand song.

09_Hoike_2011Leilani leads the Wahine in a New Zealand dance with the short poi balls. Unfortunately Auntie Val was not able to dance this night.

10_Hoike_2011Next we go to the Tahitian dance "Manu Rere Hau".

11_Hoike_2011Bernard Carvalho (Kauai's Mayor) also sang "These Islands for the girls.

12_Hoike_2011Naia a new member of the Halau was also dancing.

13_Hoike_2011Naia with Kumu Kaui Back Stage.

14_Hoike_2011Here is Naia with the Mayor.