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Splash's Kauai talk. There are some pictures too.

1-31-2018 Lunar Eclipse

Feb-2-2018 Fri
With all of the talk about the Super Blue Blood Lunar Eclipse, I couldn't wait to get a good nights sleep. I had no plans of getting up to see it.
From a sound sleep I was awakened to see the Moon.  I thought about just going back to sleep but since I was awake I went out to take a look.  It was pretty bright red so I started to take pictures.

It is hard to make it look impressive but I did what I could.

 There was a bit of a storm going through at the time also. Here you can see the light of Poipu glowing on the clouds. The clouds also hid the moon for much of the time.

 I think that the lightning show was better than the moon.  The lightning was distant and I was not seeing bolts or hearing much thunder. Just flashes in the clouds.

The moon eventually started to come back.

When the moon came back I was hoping for some moonbows.  I never did see any but I was able to photograph one.