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Splash's Kauai talk. There are some pictures too.


Feb-17-2006 Fri

news_19_01Have you ever seen an octopus. I'm guessing probably not. Even for people who are in the water a lot they can be hard to hind. They like to hide and are masters of camouflage.

This particular octopus got a tour of our boat. Most of the time it was in a bucket. We did have to take it out to bring it back down to the bottom where it belongs. If you just throw them back the fish can make a quick lunch of them.

news_19_02They are very good at holding on some times they can be difficult to remove. especially if they are tattooed on your back.

news_19_03Where did it go? I can't seem to find it.

news_19_04I think that it might be a little happier crawling back into it's hole. They usually live in hole often coming out at night to feed. They are often out in the daytime too. In the day they don't go very far from hiding spots.

news_19_05Besides fitting into almost any size hole imaginable. The octopus is able to change its color from reddish brown to white. Often it is a mottled color in between. They can also change their texture from bumpy in this picture to smooth as in the upper picture.

Why are they so secretive? I think that the main reason is that they have soft bodies and taste good.