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Splash's Kauai talk. There are some pictures too.

Another Tsunami

Mar-11-2011 Fri

01_TsunamiYesterday there was a very big earthquake in Japan.
This resulted in a devastating tsunami in Japan.
The wave was expected to reach Kauai at about 3:00 am this morning. We met at Port Allen at 1:30 am to get the boats out of the Harbor. The largest waves came by in the night.

02_TsunamiIn the morning there was still some surging of the harbor.

Here the water rushing out of Port Allen creates a standing wave by the breakwater. Soon it would stop and then rush back in.

03_TsunamiHere is what the corner of the pier looked like with high water.

04_TsunamiFour minutes later this is the same corner of the pier.

05_TsunamiSame corner with about the highest water level that I saw.

06_TsunamiHere is the small boat harbor at Port Allen. The water is flooding it.
During the night I heard that the water was flooding the parking lot where the police car is.

07_TsunamiHere is the small boat harbor with high water.

08_TsunamiThe water drains from the small boat harbor.

09_TsunamiThis is the same finger pier about 2 minutes after high water.

Fortunately for Hawaii this Tsunami did not do much damage here.
It did continue across the California where waves up to 6 feet were reported in California.