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Blue Hole -Waialeale

This area is called the Blue Hole. It is at the Eastern side of Waialeale. The cliffs rise 3000 feet in all directions. It is very hard to get there and it feels like you are in a big hole with a blue sky.

The rain gauge on top of Waialeale gets over 400" of rain per year. With cliffs all around this makes for lots of waterfalls

There are no roads to the top of Waialeale. There once was a trail to the rain gauge. This is now maintained by helicopter. There are some roads in the forest on the East side of Waialeale. The road is paved to the Keahua arboretum. Past there is is 4 wheel drive and conditions very greatly.

The gate was used as the entrance to Jurassic Park. It did look a lot nicer in the movie.

Hiking to the east side of Waialeale is difficult. It would probably be easier if there was a trail.

The last picture of the right list is a rare sight. This is the blue hole with a Blue sky. The cliffs drop about 3000'. It is not recommended to climb them. Just getting to the cliffs is a dangerous adventure.

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