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Hanalei Bay on the North Shore of kauai is a peaceful anchorage for sailboats in the summer.
In the winter in has huge surf and is a popular surfing destination.

There are fields (loi) of taro. This once was the staple food of Hawaii. The whole taro plant is edible. It must be cooked first though. The leaves are called luau and taste a lot like spinach. The root is pounded into a paste called poi. You should try some of this while in Hawaii. Not everyone likes it though.

Taro likes to grow in water. The valleys of Hawaii were once filled with taro loi. Later many were converted to growing rice. Today taro is making a slow come back. there is a problem right now with snails. It you may see some snails or their pink eggs.

There is the one lane bridge going into Hanalei. It is closed several times each year due to heavy rain which floods the road. If flooding is expected be careful of crossing this bridge you may be stuck on the other side.

Waioli Huiia church is next to the road in Hanalei. It is very picturesque with many stained glass windows. Rainbows are a common sight in Hanalei too. There is a reason that it is so green in Hanalei.

The mountains behind Hanalei pier often have waterfalls. In the winter the kids surf the waves on the far side of the pier. In the summer the bay becomes crowded with sailboats.





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