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Lumahai Beach

Lumahai Beach is a popular stop for tourists. Calm waters in the summer and huge waves in the winter. It was made famous in the movie South Pacific.

The first picture of the right menu is the East end of Lumahai. This is accessible by a trail down through the trees. This picture was taken from the lookout. There is no trail down from the lookout. If the waves look like this don't even think about getting near the water.

In the summer many people play in the small summer waves here. Even with small waves people still get in to trouble . There are no restrooms lifeguards or picnic tables here.

The third picture is looking West. The beach in the distance is the West end of Lumahai. There you can drive to the beach where the Lumahai Stream enters the ocean. If you want to avoid the crowds try walking to the middle of the beach.

The winter waves at Lumahai are amazing. There is not a reef to break the waves. That means that there are huge waves unleashing their energy on this point during the winter swells.



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