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“Two voices, one heart” HEMA PAA / Hawaiian Music CD

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HEMA PAA is the duet of William "Baba" Alimoot and Chris Kamaka. Both are long time performers of Hawaiian Music.
-Two voices, one heart-
This is Hawaiian music for those who like the classic Hawaiian Hapa-Haole music. It takes you back to a time where Hawaii was more Hawaii
It features Aloha Kauai and Nani Kauai for those of you looking for songs about Kauai.


HEMA PAA -Two voices, one heart-
Song list.
1. Catching A Wave
2. Hoku Welowelo
3. Aloha Kauai
4. Hawaiian Paradise
5. Keawaiki
6. Only You
7. Wahine Ilikea
8. E Pili Mai
9. Nani Kauai
10. Tewetewe
11. Ke Aloha
12. Kawohikukapulani

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